Outsourced Billing & Collections

You entrust your tax and legal issues to proven professionals. Why not apply that same philosophy to your billing and collections?

By outsourcing this complex and ever-changing function, your practice can have more time to focus on patient needs. Outsourcing the billing function does not mean a loss of control. Instead, it can lead to cost containment and enhanced collections. Real-time access to data and detailed management reports give you more control of your practice than ever before.

Practice Partners works within the parameters that you set. When Practice Partners commits to managing the billing function for your practice, we go far beyond simply taking on the tasks of billing and collections. We tailor our approach and integrate our services into your practice. We assume accountability, not merely for getting claims paid, but for getting them paid correctly and on time.

Services Include:

  • Timely charge entry
  • Electronic claim filing
  • Claim scrubbing to reduce payer rejections
  • Secondary claim filing
  • Payment posting and account reconciliation
  • Proactive follow-up on unpaid, denied and underpaid claims
  • Generation and mailing of patient billing statements
  • Fielding patient questions about statements and payments
  • Real-time access to data
  • Detailed management reports regarding billing, collections and patient account status