Physician Advisory Services – Medical Business Partner

36% – The estimated percentage of physicians in private practice at the end of 2013. We at Practice Partners feel that is an alarming statistic. The main reason for this decline in autonomy on the part of physicians – declining revenue. As the business of medicine is changing and the sheer volume of challenges on our plates increases, it is harder for physicians and their staff to stay abreast of the knowledge required to efficiently manage their practice. We cannot do business as usual anymore.
New partnerships to ensure that you get the necessary information and analysis are needed to succeed. PPI was founded with the goal of assisting the independent physician(s) maintain their private practice. While physicians maintain their knowledge of the medical field, especially as it pertains to his/her specialty, through continued medical education, PPI is proactive in staying knowledgeable in the area of practice management. That is why partnering with Practice Partners and utilizing our Physician Advisory Services would benefit your practice.

Practice Partners is your medical business partner!