The Fifth Lever of Practice Profitability: Access

As we discuss the fifth and final lever of practice profitability, we will explore the topic of access. As with many healthcare related topics, access is complicated and multi-dimensional. Access in your medical group may include the following:

  • Clinical Care Access
  • Consumer Access
  • Managed Care Access

The common denominator is that each of these access points affects a patient’s ability to obtain the clinical care that they are seeking. Read more

The Fourth Lever of Practice Profitability: Expenses

Expense management is a critical component of maximizing the bottom line for medical groups. According to a 2018 Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) study, median operating costs for primary care practices have risen by 13 percent since 2013. What’s more, a survey of the top issues ruining medicine for physicians revealed that rising expenses ranked number 7 on the list. Investing the time to better understand your group’s overhead structure and implement cost savings can significantly impact both your net revenue and job satisfaction. Read more