New Practice Start-up

When you are setting up a new medical office, there are a multitude of details that require attention to ensure that the practice is ready to open when expected and that the office operates efficiently from day one. Practice Partners will help you simplify and expedite this complicated process.With success in launching numerous practices, we are well equipped to advise you on personnel issues and staffing; operational systems; vendor selection; and marketing your practice to potential patients.Practice Partners understands the logical progression of steps which must be completed, and can help you set realistic timelines for accomplishing the necessary tasks.To ensure that important areas of focus are not overlooked, we start with a master checklist of items that need to be addressed. We develop a customized plan and schedule with the client, delineating which responsibilities the client prefers to perform, and what will be delegated to Practice Partners. This individualized approach helps to make the most efficient use of time and effort. Along the way, Practice Partners can also give you guidance and assistance in establishing those key business relationships with attorneys, accountants, lenders, insurance brokers, and supply/equipment vendors.

Key Components to a successful practice Start:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Office Space
  • Professional and Business Licensing
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Communication Systems
  • Practice Operations
  • Billing Solutions: Full-Service, Interim, Off-Site Management
  • Business Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance
  • Marketing

We are 100% American-based and are proactive with the use of technology to perform the necessary functions of our industry, while also reducing the amount of paper and paper products used.